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Nesty supplies Smart Automated dispensing systems for Office Supplies, Work Equipment, Food & Non-Food Products.

Our machines can be utilised for Stock Control, dispensing IT or Medical Consumables, Tool Hire, and intake of returns all working constantly.

Food & Drink options can give your employees an on-site store of Fresh Healthy Meals, Snacks & Juices.


Nesty Systems are designed & built

to meet the needs of your business

saving you time and money.

We can link machines to your HR

software for the integration of ID

cards, or they can take electronic

or cash payments

BizzNest solutions are flexible &

future-proof. The modular hardware

is easy to expand and can grow

with your business


LB 23.png

BizzNest brings you a safe,
secure & touch-free method of
dispensing an array of items

All Nesty systems are modular and can be expanded at any time

Prevent Waste and unnecessary over-stocking of items not being used

Important items are always available to employees or customers

Nesty systems can be placed close to workstations to save employees time

Remotely Monitor stock levels and change display information

Real-time insight on Stock usage & Monitor Consumption per employee

Low stock level alerts are sent to your phone and PC



BizzNest Flexx

The Flexx is equipped with a smart

pusher system, which allows the

dispensing of items from gloves to

cables to keyboards.

The Moove lift smoothly collects items

and gently brings them to the 

collection point. The Flexx can dispense

up to sixty different sized items.

Product rental and returns can be easily facilitated with the Flexx. 

BizzNest Locker

Our BizzNest locker works as a stand alone option or can be expanded in conjunction with the Flexx unit.

Highly efficient management system for the dispensing and returning of IT consumables.

Eleven different locker sizes

Maximise production Today

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Nesty Systems can be operated by App or HD Touchscreen. Our software package is designed to integrate with third-party programmes

Asset Finance and Service

Ninety Percent finance is available subject to normal criteria
Fifteen to Twenty year lifespan. One Hundred Percent Depreciable over Eight Years.

Complete Service Solution including Installation & Training
Full Aftersales Support by our Nationwide Service Team

Machine Access and Payment

Access can be given via a PIN code, ID card or QR / Barcode. Combinations of these systems are also possible. In Nesty Web you can manage your employees, with options to show or hide selected products for each employee.

BizzNest can have cash or cashless payment systems. Either
option can also be combined with ID verification.


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