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Smart lockers

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Features at a Glance

  • Runs 24/7

  • Space for loads of different products 

  • LockBox with 13 different compartment sizes

  • Control of up to 4 dispensers with one module

  • Removal via employee chip, PIN or QR code

  • Telemetry for comprehensive transparency

  • Easy user-friendless due to touch screen

  • Shopping cart function possible

  • Easy refilling

  • Customizable branding

  • Usable across many different industries


How it Works

Delivery: When a package is delivered to a Nesty smart locker locker, the recipient receives a unique pickup code via email or text message.

Locker Selection: The recipient can then visit the Nesty smart locker location and select the locker they wish to use.

Authentication: Once the recipient enters their pickup code on the locker's touch screen, the locker will authenticate the code and open the assigned locker door.

Package Retrieval: The recipient can then retrieve their package from the assigned locker, and the locker door will automatically lock once it's closed.

Return: If the recipient needs to return an item, they can do so by selecting the "return" option on the locker's touch screen and following the instructions.



Efficient Cooling

  • Cooling adjustable between 0 and 10°C (at 30°C ambient temp.)

  • Energy efficient cooling system with Eco-friendly refrigerant gas R290

  • Insulating Low E glass

  • Excellent insulation (polyisocyanurate foam)

  • Adjustable self-closing doors Temperature adjustable per module

Function & Design  

  • Smooth edgeless glass doors

  • Advanced RGBW LED lighting system

  • Wall integration or stand alone

  • Modular; extend seamlessly

  •  New designed electronic control



  • Optimized shopping experience

  •  Easy replaceable cooling cassette, to optimize service and minimize downtime



"Nesty Lockers solution is a great solution for many of our workplace clients - it gives employees more flexibility with ordering and collection. Where deployed we now have on average 60-70% usage daily.

We also use the solution for our evening service, thus helping with resourcing challenges. Nesty works seamlessly and is very easy to use."

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Boston Scientific

​"At Boston Scientific, we've been using Nesty's smart lockers for over a year, and we're impressed with the convenience and efficiency they provide. With Nesty's smart lockers, our employees can retrieve equipment at any time, thus providing significant benefits to our operations."

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