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Nesty Farm Shop

The Nesty Farm Shop is an innovative, hassle-free solution for farmers and producers to provide fresh, high quality produce direct to their consumers.


By utilising advanced, easy-to-use technology and apps, our automated

vending and management systems keep everything under control, giving you more time to focus on what you do best: producing high quality products. 


Our Farm Shop solution is flexible and diverse, encompassing a vast range of machines and technology to suit your specific needs and wants.  

All Nesty systems are modular and can be expanded at any time

There Has Never Been a Better time to offer Farm Fresh products to buyers

Make eye-catching displays of your produce & goods in your own Farm Shop

Install in multiple locations to increase sales, with higher profit margins

Expand and partner with businesses such as Universities and Offices to provide Fresh Products

Re-stocking Alerts are sent to your phone


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The most sophisticated Milk Vending Machine on the market, allowing producers to easily supply fresh, high quality milk direct to the masses.

Any dairy farmer worldwide would appreciate this automatic milk dispenser.


If you want to sell milk directly to your customers and want to earn some serious cash on a daily basis from your own milk, Báinne Bot is an excellent investment for your own milk business


FoodNest Locker

Our FoodNest locker solution is stand alone or can expand in conjunction with the Flexx unit.

Choice of eleven different compartment sizes with Glass Doors & LEDs with a Rear load option for fast re-stocking.

Use the HD Screen to display special offers or promotional items

Tomas 1.jpg

FoodNest Flexx

The Flexx is equipped with a smart

pusher system, which allows the

dispensing of many smaller products.

At Nesty we can provide you with options to supply Chilled, Ambient, Frozen or Hot Food.

Very Flexible in their configuration options, the Flexx can dispense up to sixty different sized items, with easy re-configuration 

Start Your Own Farm Shop

"Farming will have to change…..we have no choice here" said Taoiseach Micheál Martin 3/11/21. In reality this means farmers will need to replace income that will be lost under coming restrictions.

It is not all doom and gloom for farmers though as shoppers habits have changed since the start of 2020, and people are now more focused on buying Farm Fresh food, locally where possible.


This makes having a Farm Shop a natural evolution for farmers to deliver what the customer wants, and make a higher profit margin for their business in return.

Would you like to have a Farm Shop that sells your fresh produce and pays you every day?

Automated Retailing Systems from Nesty make it easy for farmers to make this extra income while still running their business as normal.


If your time as a farmer is filled already, minimal labour involvement means another or a younger family member can learn about business and develop it alongside their studies or other work.


Up to 75% Grants are available for machinery as business expansion equipment for food producers.


Suitable for all types of farmers, food and craft producers to work together or independently.


Call or email us to discuss options available now.


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